I have multiple https services running on different subdomains of *.domainA.com, but they are all configured with a wildcard certificate for *.domainB.com.

I believe the record below would allow me to access the services, but is it in fact a valid DNS record?

*.domainB.com CNAME *.domainA.com


If there is an A record for *.domainA.com in domainA.com's DNS zone, your dns record would work. You won't achieve to have sub1.domainB.com pointed to sub1.domainA.com, as each subdomain on domainB.com will point to *.domainA.com.

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  • Ok, I was hoping dns would employ wildcard search/replace when translating, but wildcards are only used to find a record. Thank you for clearing that up! – xastor Aug 10 '16 at 7:38

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