I'm wondering if anyone is running something like pm2, forever or what ever to run more than one parse instance on servers that more than a few cores?

If so can you provide any suggestions on something simple, we might be using Heroku and some of their bigger servers can have up to 8 cores and if your not taking advantage of all 8 its a waste of money.

  • Kinda silly to negative vote this, its a legit question unless these are down votes from companies competing against the open source parse. – Steve Aug 9 '16 at 20:36

You can configure PM2 using exec_mode=cluster and instance=40. I'm running 40 instance parse-server in 6 core vps.


I'm changed my configuration using instances=-1, it means you are using available core -1. Or you can use all available core with instances=0.

These are my ecosystem.json setup :
{ "apps" : [{ "name" : "parse-production", "script" : "/usr/bin/parse-server", "watch" : false, //true, "instances" : -1, "exec_mode" : "cluster", "max_memory_restart" : "150M", "merge_logs" : true, "cwd" : "/root", ...

My server have 6 core, so PM2 create 5 instances of parse server

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  • could you provide some more details on the setup, im currently running running parse server on Heroku, and their high performance ones have many many cores to take advantage of. – Steve Sep 8 '16 at 18:11

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