We are tring to use an application that uses transactions.

  • The machine running the code is on a stand alone Windows 2003 Server machine.
  • The database server is a Windows 2003 Server with SQL Server 2005 on a domain machine on a different network.

It works when we install the application on a machine in the same domain.

I have tried going into the Component Services and marking "Allow Inbound Connections" and "No Authentication Required".

I can see that the transaction appears in the MSDTC list on both computers, but the transaction gets aborted.

Any Ideas what the problem could be?

  • Do you receive any sort of an error message from SQL Server? Jan 21, 2010 at 15:11

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I'm not sure how MSDTC handles this but you could try using passthrough authentication. Set up a local user\password on the application server that matches either a local user\password on the SQL server or a domain user\password in the SQL server's domain. Configure the application to run under this user's context and see what happens.

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