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I have recently started renting an Ubuntu VPS from OVH. I have configured it as an iRedMail instance, planning on using it to send and receive personal emails. This all went smoothly, and the mail is indeed sent and received properly.

My problem is that a few popular email providers like gmail and outlook mark the (personal / non-commercial) email sent from this domain as spam. Therefore, I went through the classic checklist for this kind of problems :

  • IP address isn't blacklisted on any spam list at all
  • All DNS records are setup correctly, including DKIM, SPF and DMARC
  • The content of the emails doesn't look like spam (all classic personal messages)

I ran through spam tests, here are the results from mail-tester (last was 10/10, I did another one not to use my personal email) and isnotspam. Nothing out of the ordinary, everything seems perfect except "Bayes spam probability is 99 to 100%", could this cause the mails being put into spam ? I have literally no idea why this probability is so high, my mail server isn't an open relay, I don't have any proxy server open, and my VPS provider blocks SMTP port if it detects outgoing spam.

Does anyone have an idea of what might cause my problem ?

Thanks !

PS : There are obviously other posts like mine, but I've already checked them and none of them provide an answer to my case.

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The BAYES_99 score is supposedly based on a user's past history. You say you're on a VPS, so I'm not sure if that history would be comprised of domain name or IP address. Do you have access to a different mail server? If so, perhaps try sending the exact same email from a different server (different domain, different IP) and see if you get the same result?

If that doesn't get the same BAYES_99 score on the receiving end, then you've narrowed it down.

Keep in mind, with BAYES_99, you don't necessarily have to have a CURRENT blacklist in effect, but your IP might have been used heavily in the past as a source of spam.

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