I have a custom RPM which I convert to DPKG using the tool alien.

It works with one annoyance:

The input is called "foo_bar.rpm" and the output is called "foo-bar.dpkg".

We have a list of packages to install via automated configuration management (salt-stack).

If I try to install "foo_bar" on Debian it fails, if I try to install "foo-bar" on RedHat/Suse it fails ...

I would like to avoid to manage two lists of package names...

Any solution?

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There is a project on github which tries to bring sanity into this package naming chaos:


One command to install equivalent packages in Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, Red Hat and Mac OS X. UnixPackage is a UNIX independent way of installing packages. Specify the Ubuntu package name (e.g. libpq-dev), and it will install the equivalent on your system (e.g. postgresql-libs on Arch).

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