I`m developing a mailing list system and wanted to test it against big list of recipients. Is there a way configuring postfix to accept any recipients address within some test domain and deliver it to a single specified user mailbox? No other users/mailbox required. System will be testing-purpose only and accessible only from local network.

If it cant be done in postfix, is there any other possibilities using other mail server software?


You have to create a catch all email account. I am guessing you are using virtual domains on your Postfix installation. In your virtual alias table you just have to define:

some_user@example.com     some_user
@example.com              some_user

And all mail that comes to @example.com domain will be saved in the some_user@example.com account.


Yes, you want to create a canonical lookup table. See the canonical manpage.


Found an easier way in main.cf:

luser_relay= catchall@dummy-domain.com

local_recipient_maps =

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