I have Vserver with 2 external ip Addresses

2: venet0: <BROADCAST,POINTOPOINT,NOARP,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN
    inet scope host venet0
    inet xxx.xxx.xxx.204/32 brd xxx.xxx.xxx.204 scope global venet0:0
    inet xxx.xxx.xxx.205/32 brd xxx.xxx.xxx.205 scope global venet0:1

When i ssh into the Server on the .205 Address i get the .204 Address as external ip Address

curl -s http://whatismijnip.nl |cut -d " " -f 5

How can i make sure the connected ip address is used as external ip address?


I don't think you can do that without at least 2 physical interfaces and setting multi WAN. Right now you are using aliases and from my experience the first interface with route(s) to the target will be used.

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