On our server we receive malicious email from a specific sender. Is it possible with postfix to:

  1. Forward the emails received from this sender on a specific email (other domain name)
  2. Block these emails on our domain mailboxes

According to your question, you want to get rid of spam.

There are many ways to achieve this :

Update : If you really want to receive the mail and take appropriate action about it, like forwarding, archiving or executing a shell script, the best tools for you are procmail or maybe mailfilter :

  • http://www.zer0.org/procmail/quickref.html provides documentation on how to "Forward to other address", "Feed to a shell command pipeline " or " Save to a folder ".
  • mailfilter is my prefered tool for this type or problem, but it is necessary to have one configuration file per recipient
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    It's not really spam it is invasive email from some individuals. I still want to keep a record of these emails for a potential trial. So SPAM will not really answer my need: forward then delete/reject. – curuba Aug 25 '16 at 14:25

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