Just a simple question, but I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find this. I just need to know what user started a particular service. In this case, I want to know what user runs the headphones service (headphones plugin in a FreeNAS jail).

I tried using service headphones status but that just gives me the PID (23069). Is there a way to list the user using the PID instead? I tried that as well using: ps 23069 but that only gives the time running and path.

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    Tried ps aux ?.
    – yagmoth555
    Aug 23, 2016 at 13:45
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    That was it. I knew it had to be something simple. Thanks! Aug 23, 2016 at 13:52
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    glad it helped :) will write as an answer then
    – yagmoth555
    Aug 23, 2016 at 13:54

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'ps aux' will do the tip to list all users process

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