I have a very frustrating problem with my sysprep image. Everytime, I choose fr-CA as keyboard layout in my sysprep answerfile, I always end up with canadian french (Multilangual standard), english US and French (France).

I specified in my answer file the inputLocal to: 0c0c:0001109 in winpe, specialize and oobesystem. I also change the value for the copyprofile option to yes.

This problem doesn't happen if I switch to english (canada).

Anyone have an idea what I could do to ONLY have french canada keyboard?

By the way, we don't use SCCM or Audit mode for our Windows system image. We use a vmware VM that is preconfigured with the programs we need and configuration that are persistent through sysprep. Then we send the image to clonezilla for deployment.


The problem was caused by our dumbass admin not downloading the good Windows 10 ISO... when you sysprep, it uses the default language of the ISO...

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