I would like to ask a question about configuring of dnsmasq DNS server. I know about such configuration option as "listen-address". But even if I set this option to "listen-address=" dnsmasq still open port on both internal and external 192.168.x.x:53 sides.

So I would like to ask if it is possible to configure dnsmasq so that it opens port 53 just for localhost ( like for example it is possible for MySQL database.

# Configuration file for dnsmasq.

server=[some port here]
server=[some another port here]
  • Sure you can. Please post your configuration file and the transcript. Of course, don't forget a sanity check: stop dnsmasq and verify if nothing else listens on 53 on external interface. – techraf Aug 26 '16 at 1:00
  • @techraf # Configuration file for dnsmasq. port=53 proxy-dnssec no-resolv no-poll server=[some port here] server=[some another port here] listen-address= no-hosts Also when I stop dnsmasq service so port 53 is closed on and 192.168.x.x sides. – D.K. Aug 27 '16 at 1:48

I had to add "bind-interfaces" to the config file, so that interface and listen-address had the desired effect. E.g.:


This will have the desired effect of listening only on localhost. I was running into issues, since I was running a public dns (that resolves just my own domains) on the public ip of the server, but I wanted to run dnsmasq on localhost, too. So if I remove "bind-interfaces", I will get "dnsmasq: failed to create listening socket for port 53: Address already in use", as it tries to listen on the public IP.

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Yes you can do that

The dnsmasq man page says this about the --interface argument:

 -i, --interface=<interface name>
          Listen only on the specified interface(s). Dnsmasq automatically adds the loopback (local) interface to the list of interfaces  to  use
          when  the  --interface option  is used. If no --interface or --listen-address options are given dnsmasq listens on all available inter‐
          faces except any given in --except-interface options. IP alias interfaces (eg "eth1:0") cannot be used with  --interface  or  --except-
          interface  options,  use  --listen-address  instead.  A  simple  wildcard, consisting of a trailing '*', can be used in --interface and
          --except-interface options.

The interface name for localhost/ would be lo by default on most systems.

You can put it right in your config file like so


Or specify it on the command line like so

dnsmasq --interface=lo
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    I tried your advice, Ryan, but unfortunatelly such way it still opens port on external side. Also when interface is set like "interface=lo" dnsmasq always response to request like "dig @192.168.x.x" even if "listen-address=" But when "interface" option is commented out dnsmasq follows "listen-address" option and response just to "dig @" if "listen-address=" – D.K. Aug 27 '16 at 1:29
  • @LargoWinch That doesn't make sense. And, in your question you said listen-address didn't work, and that was why you were asking for help. What's going on? – Ryan Babchishin Aug 27 '16 at 1:48
  • There are 2 thing here. 1) Dnsmasq always opens ports on and 192.168.x.x (I check this with nmap) 2) another thing is dnsmasq respons on just "@" when "listen-address=". When I set "interface=lo" dnsmasq starts to ignore "listen-address=" and answers requests for "@192.168.x.x". But my question was if it is possible to do so that dnsmasq not open port on 192.168.x.x side at all. For now I managed to do just so that dnsmasq opens port on both sides but ignores requests "@192.168.x.x". – D.K. Aug 27 '16 at 1:57
  • @LargoWinch try to pass --interface=lo on the command line to dnsmasq instead. – Ryan Babchishin Aug 27 '16 at 3:12
  • This is how I tried, Ryan: dnsmasq is run as service, so line for starting looks like this one. (ExecStart=/usr/bin/dnsmasq -k --enable-dbus --user=dnsmasq --pid-file --interface=lo). So I tested and results was the same as with changes in configuration. Dnsmasq just ignores "listen-address" in this case and ports being still opened both sides. – D.K. Aug 27 '16 at 10:07

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