I want to emulate large buffer delay on a specific interface. I have a simple dumbbell topology like:

PC1   eth0  <-----------------------> eth0   PC2

It would be good if I ping PC1 from PC2, the latency about 1ms, but when I start a download the latency grow up to a specific value (which calculated from RTT and BDP). The naive approach (tc netem delay) won't work in this case because this not behaves like a buffer delay (more like a propagation delay)

Thanks for the help!

  • In case if someone interested, its possible with a small custom nfqueue program. – SPYFF Sep 22 '16 at 21:55

With tc and a simple fifo queue, you can use tc qdisc add dev eth0 parent X:Y handle Z: pfifo limit 10000 to set a fifo queue with a 10000 packets length.

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