After creating a new trapper item on Zabbix server web page (PHP), it fails to send data via zabbix_sender tool like:

zabbix_sender -vv -z zabbix.server.host -p 10051 -s "test.node.001" -k "trap.item.001" -o "0.0"
zabbix_sender [24284]: DEBUG: answer [{"response":"success","info":"processed: 0; failed: 1; total: 1; seconds spent: 0.000031"}]
info from server: "processed: 0; failed: 1; total: 1; seconds spent: 0.000031"

But the same zabbix_sender command success after about 10 minutes.

I cannot find any reference about this problem. Is this some kind of cache in zabbix server?

Thanks in advance!


Yes, zabbix_server syncs configuration from the database every CacheUpdateFrequency seconds. By default, this setting is 60 seconds, but it may have been changed for your installation.

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