I would like to know how many hits are received by images hosted on a virtual host. I use webalizer as my statistics program. I've hit a wall.

In order to achieve this, I edited webalizer.conf and commented out the following lines:

# Usually you want to hide these
# HideURL *.gif
# HideURL *.GIF
# HideURL *.jpg
# HideURL *.JPG
# HideURL *.png
# HideURL *.PNG
# HideURL *.ra

Then, I ran webalizer from the command line. I know that it ran because numbers were updated on the statistics pages. However, image URLs are still not included. I'm quite at a loss as to where I'm going wrong.

Update: I have tried these further things. I've added the following to webalizer.conf:

PageType     png
PageType     jpg
PageType     gif

This is not the behavior that I want, but I'm getting desperate here. I have added:

IncludeURL    *.png
IncludeURL    *.gif
IncludeURL    *.jpg

Still no-go. Getting very frustrated here.


I feel kind of stupid: the problem was that Webalizer was running on the new logs being created AFTER I made the change, not the old statistics that had already been processed. Which is the correct behavior. After I gave it some time, the images started showing up in the stats.

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