My old company has custom AWS login URLs that look like this:


And when you would click on any of the above links, you would see a login page that looks like this:

AWS Sign In

It's a login page that gives you a chance to switch to your aws root account. But I don't know what this page is called.

I now need to set this up at my new company. Is there any documentation you can point me to, or instruction you can give for how to do this?

I need to find out how to create these custom URLs in DNS and how to point those url's to these sign on screens. If I just create an A record in DNS and point it to an AWS IP, I just get a 404 screen when I go that URL in my browser.

Please help


It is simple, create an account alias

  • Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the IAM console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/iam/.

  • On the navigation pane, select Dashboard.

  • Find the IAM users sign-in link, and click Customize to the right of the link.

  • Type the name you want to use for your alias, then click Yes, Create.

  • To remove the alias, click Customize, and then click Yes, Delete. The sign-in URL reverts to using your AWS account ID.

more info

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You don't need to do anything in DNS for this - it's all within Amazon's Zone.

The bits you need to configure this are on the front page of the IAM dashboard.

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My 2 cent..If you have multiple AWS accounts than rather creating different set of bookmark for each url, think of using a single HTML page for ease of use.


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