I am trying to get the MAC address of a VMware guest from the command line in ESXi 6.

The vSphere client shows the MAC address of the network adapters, which are configured as "automatic".

The command

vim-cmd vmsvc/get.config <id>

shows me many of the details of that particular guest, but not the MAC addresses of the network cards.

Is there a command that I can run from the VMware shell that displays the MAC address of a VMWare guest?

  • This command vim-cmd vmsvc/get.config <id> gives back "False MAC addresses"! – MUY Belgium Aug 27 at 8:11

vim-cmd vmsvc/device.getdevices <id> will show you details about the virtual devices of the VM, including the MAC adresses.

  • This may gives the mac at the moment of the VM creation but not the current mac address. – MUY Belgium Aug 27 at 8:25
  • No, it doesn't. I just checked with a VM where I changed the MAC address a couple of weeks ago. The command shows it's current MAC address. – Gerald Schneider Aug 27 at 8:30
  • Maybe it needs something to be installed in the VM? – MUY Belgium Aug 27 at 8:43

vim-cmd hostsvc/net/info | grep "mac ="

  • 2
    This shows the mac addresses of the host, not of the guests. – roelvanmeer Sep 5 '16 at 11:07

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