I'm trying to identify all firewall rules, which are addressing particular port. Here is how I can do it manually:

Get-NetFirewallPortFilter | Where { $_.LocalPort -Eq "RPC" } `
| Format-Table -Property InstanceID

Now I need to know the name of a rule:

Show-NetFirewallRule | Where { $_.InstanceID –Eq “Netlogon-TCP-RPC-In”} `
| Format-Table -Property DisplayName

Then I get:

Netlogon Service Authz (RPC)

I do not want to do it manually
I've tried following script to get the list of names:

$InstanceIDs = Get-NetFirewallPortFilter | Where { $_.LocalPort -Eq "RPC" } `
| Format-Table -Property InstanceID
foreach ($InstanceID in $InstanceIDs)
    Show-NetFirewallRule | Where { $_.InstanceID –Eq $InstanceID} `
    | Format-Table -Property DisplayName

Got nothing at this point.
Figured out that InstanceID within $InstanceIDs is not a string, but failed to convert it.

Any idea on how make it working?


Your issue has something to do with $InstanceID type (try $InstanceID.Gettype() in your script). Next code snippet could help:

$InstanceIDs =  -split $( 
    Get-NetFirewallPortFilter | 
        Where { $_.LocalPort -Eq "RPC" } | 
            Format-Table -Property InstanceID -HideTableHeaders | 

Show-NetFirewallRule | 
    Where { $_.InstanceID –In $InstanceIDs} |
        ForEach-Object { 
            if ($_.Name) {
                "{0} {1} {2}" -f $_.Name, '==', $_.DisplayName

Note that $InstanceIDs is an array of strings in above code snippet; moreover, $_.Name property in Show-NetFirewallRule corresponds to InstanceID one in Get-NetFirewallPortFilter.

  • Thanks a lot. I knew the problem was with type, just did not know how to convert it. Sep 6 '16 at 18:50

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