According to the OpenStack docs the individual clients are deprecated in favor for the openstack client.

The following individual clients are deprecated in favor of a common client. (source)

So I started using the openstack client. With the nova client, I could attach interfaces to instances after their creation with nova interface-attach --port-id $PID <Nova instance name>. I wonder how this is possible with the openstack client?

There is port set --device-owner and port set --device, but they doesn't seem to work properly.

  • did you figure out a way to do this?
    – frei
    Mar 14 '17 at 4:47
  • @frei: No progress on this unfortunately.
    – Robin
    Mar 14 '17 at 9:42
  • yeah it seems like i'll have to keep using nova for this for now.
    – frei
    Mar 15 '17 at 5:25

I also wanted to do this and eventually found openstack server add port $SERVERNAME $PORTUUID works with latest python-openstack. See here for documentation.

But I really just wanted to do this during instance creation and discovered you can also add multiple interfaces with specified IP addresses using the --nic option to server create, like: openstack server create --network Net1 --nic net-id=$NET2_UUID,v4-fixed-ip=$IPADDRESS ....

Hope this helps someone else from doing the same research.

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