I am trying to setup LDAP authentication with apache.

Group Information:

ldapsearch -x -h ldap-corporate -b "o=example.com,c=us" "cn=Security "

dn: cn=Security , ou=lm8100, o=example.com, c=US 
businessCategory: secadm 
cn: Security 
objectClass: groupOfUniqueNames 
objectClass: epicGroup 
objectClass: top 
uniqueMember: cn=Kim Ldaf + uid=CLKM9876,ou=lm8100,o=example.com,c=US   
uniqueMember: cn=HLK MNOIL+uid=DKL06, ou=lm8100,o=example.com,c=us    
uniqueMember: cn=TREKS DNKO+uid=RIK02, ou=lm8100,o=example.com,c=US

This is my configuration and it is accepting all valid LDAP users but my requirement is need accept only valid users for that particular group:

AllowOverride None
Order deny,allow 
Allow from all 
AuthType Basic 
AuthName "Protected" 
Require valid-user
AuthBasicAuthoritative Off 
AuthzLDAPAuthoritative Off 
AuthBasicProvider ldap 
AuthLDAPUrl ldap://HOST/o=example.com,c=us?uid?sub 
Require ldap-group cn=SC HelpDesk,o=example.com,c=US
  • Planning to use LDAP not Active Directory – user374374 Sep 7 '16 at 20:34

You have both

Require valid-user
Require ldap-group cn=SC HelpDesk,o=example.com,c=US

As per the examples, you should have only

Require ldap-group cn=SC HelpDesk,o=example.com,c=US
  • If I am not keeping Require valid-user. None of the users are able to login. In some examples I saw both, so I kept both. – user374374 Sep 8 '16 at 0:58

Use this directive to match the LDAP dn and then authenticate it.

Grant access if there is a Require ldap-dn directive, and the DN in the directive matches the DN fetched from the LDAP directory.

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