I have a working installation of BackupPC and I try to add a host, that is only reachable through a different host. For this reason, I created a ssh config file and reaching the host via rsync or ssh is no problem.

But now I can't start a Backup because BackupPC tries to ping the host before starting the backup. The strange thing is, that the ping command and the NmbLookup command for that host are set to /bin/echo. I have also tried to use /bin/true but this did also not succeed.

So I don't know what I could try next.

Thanks for any Help

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My problem is solved. I tried it the different way round:

  • I added a ClientNameAlias with the value so that the ping succeeds
  • Then i tried to override the client rsync options to the name in the ssh config

Now backuppc connects to the remote host and the ping command succeeds.


I just solved this problem by manually editing the /etc/hosts file on the BackupPC server. Nothing made sense. I could ping the host from the BackupPC server just fine and other backups using identical settings were working perfectly. I first tried using the PC's IP address instead of the hostname. That got past the ping and seemed to work but there were were other problems: (tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME)

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