I am trying to use nping to ping through an Alcatel W800 modem. I need nping because eventually I will need the ability to set some things like destination-mac. For now, I am just trying to use it like ping as a sanity test, to insure I know how to use the command!

When I nping through other connections, like WiFi, using this command:

nping --icmp --icmp-type echo

I get a response.

However, through the Alcatel modem, I get no response. Now the key part: using the same network setup, if I use just ping, I do get a response.

I made a pcap of both exchanges (ping vs nping), and I see a few differences:

  • the packets generated with ping are length 80
  • the packets generate with ping have a "Timestamp from icmp data", according to wireshark

Vs nping:

  • packets are length 28
  • packets don't have a timestamp, even when I include --icmp-orig-time now, like this:

nping --icmp --icmp-type echo --icmp-orig-time now

So what am I missing to make nping include that timestamp in the outgoing echo packets?


Turns out all I had to do was set --data-length to higher, maybe the Alcatel throws out ICMP packets under a certain length or something.

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