The developers on my company can't commit to subversion anymore.

They receive the follow error message in Tortoise.

Can't flush file to disk: Input/output error

Apache error.log

Could not create activity /01_REPO/!svn/act/6a9f9e72-2412-3147-9534-1b23de635229.  [500, #0]
could not begin a transaction  [500, #5]
Can't flush file to disk: Input/output error  [500, #5]

a google search led me to permission and disk space issues but everthing under /01_REPO has permission to user and group "apache"

and there is no problem with disk space

df -h 
                  191G   12G  169G   7% /01_REPO

The subversion log is empty.

Can someone tell me whats is going on or at least give a hint of how to discover the problem?

OBS: Oracle Linux 6.6 svnserve 1.6.11 apache 2.2 iptables off selinux disabled

  • What does the syslog say? – Sven Sep 9 '16 at 14:44
  • > svnserve 1.6.11 > upgrade your Subversion server. – bahrep Sep 9 '16 at 16:42

The problem is in the disk itself, nothing related with subversion.

I tried to use "svnadmin dump" but I can't restore "svnadmin load" so I use svnadmin hotcopy do copy svn repos to another partition.

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