In a VMware environment I am having connectivity issues (no ping) between the gateway (pfSense DMZ) and Ubuntu server 16.04.1 LTS.

Pfsense is working fine from the LAN subnet but not from DMZ subnet

I think I have configured the firewall side of things correctly (pfsense), but new to VMware so I think I might be missing something within the VMware environment and/or ubuntu server?

Ubuntu server has an IP address
pfSense webdmz gateway has an IP address

Looking at the topology, on vSwitch2(LAN) I connect a computer on vmnic5 I can get to the internet no problem. But on vSwitch3(WEBDMZ) I am unable to ping either way to gateway and vice versa.

Has someone come across same issue before?



Firewall DMZ config and ubuntu interface:

firewall dmz config and ubuntu interface


In case someone comes across the same issue.

I solved this by deploying a fresh images of pfsense. Paying particular attention to assigning when configuring the interfaces and vSwitchs in VMware before hand, which I think was the cause of the issue.

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