I'm quite puzzled by the setup of a Virtual Host at my Apache server on Ubuntu 16.4. I did follow this the instruction to install Processmaker on Ubuntu.

Everything works fine but if I access my site: http://process.koina.eu:8080 I only see the default Apache file under /var/www/html/index.html. But my processmaker is located as in the instruction under /opt/processmaker. In the logs everything seems running ok. The problem is that my pmos.conf is not added/recognized to the Appache configuration. Sot it makes no difference when I run "sudo a2ensite pmos.conf" or the a2dissite command and restart the server.

  • Does the pmos.conf file exist as /etc/apache2/sites-available/pmos.conf ? – user9517 Sep 12 '16 at 17:52
  • Please post the content of your apache2 site configuration (/etc/apache2/sites-available/pmos.conf). Check the "ServerName" directive. Depending on your setup, you might want to disable the default configuration in your apache installatin. – M. Glatki Sep 12 '16 at 23:02
  • Sorry I got distracted by to much other stuff that time. Server is not anymore in use now. – bluelue Nov 27 '17 at 8:23

Is there another configuration, that open port 8080 for apache? Because if pmos.conf is not recognized, you shouldn't get any answser from apache.

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