I have a windows server with an LSI controller, and storcli installed. We just added 4 spare drives to the server, and the controller is detecting two of the drives as "foreign". How do I clear this "foreign" status from those two drives using storcli?


To delete the foreign configurations on a drive use the following:

storcli /cx/fx|fall del|delete

If you don't know the controller ID, you can run "storcli show" to see what controllers are detected (it is usually 0). Using "storcli /c0 /fall show" will show you the foreign configurations found (change /c0 to whatever your controller ID is).

For example, if you have a foreign configuration on controller 0 with ID 3, you could clear it with:

storcli /c0/f3 delete

The above was tested in Linux, but the documentation looks to be the same for both operating systems. The official documentation (PDF) can be found at this link.

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