I have followed this guide to disable the "Network" link in Windows Explorer by changing a registry key and that is working. The link is gone from every application other than Internet Explorer's save-as file browser. This is for a public library public access computer on our network, so this is bad. I have searched extensively online as well as through group policy options for Windows 7 and Internet Explorer, but haven't found a way to disable this link. Any suggestions?

Here is a screenshot of the link as it appears from Internet Explorer: enter image description here

EDIT I have tried the following GPOs to no avail. Both state they only work with older versions of Windows, so it is not surprising they didn't work.

  • No Entire Network in Network Locations
  • No Computers Near Me in Network Locations

finally found the answer. There are many guides similar to the one I linked to previously, but I found only one that mentions editing the same registry key for Software. Change the key from b0040064 to b0940064 and the Network link will be removed from Windows Explorer.


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