I've got a local network rack with:

  • 24 port switch
  • 2x voip dect bases
  • 2x modems
  • 1x load balancing router
  • 1x wifi access point
  • 1x 2bay Synology nas

At the moment these are all powered via 2x 1U 6 socket surge protected PDUs.

I want to add a UPS into the rack but the ones I was looking at in terms of power / battery output only have 4 power ports on the back. Can I plug the PDUs into the UPS to get around that or would that cause an issue?

The reason I ask is because I've heard that if you daisy chain 2 surge protected extension cords you negate the surge protection, so I was wondering if I plugged the PDU into the UPS if it would have a similar effect?

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No, you shouldn't use surge protected PDUs. Instead, use a plain, quality PDU without surge protection.

This is recommended by APC. Also, read this for some nice background explanation.

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