The card is labeled as a LPe12002 (specifically this one www.avagotech.com/products/server-storage/fibre-channel-host-bus-adapters/lpe12002). The card is in a Gen9 HP. When I go into the BIOS I do not see the card listed, knowing that you have to enable it on Intel x520 cards via firmware I looked all over the documentation and never found any documentation stating it actually supports PXE booting.

The feature page says

Deployment and Management Features:

Universal boot capability allows the appropriate boot environment to be automatically selected for any given hardware.

Boot-from-SAN capability reduces system management costs and increases uptime.

Detailed real-time event logging and tracing enables quick diagnosis of SAN problems.

Beaconing feature flashes the HBA LEDs, simplifying their identification within server racks.

Environmental monitoring feature helps to optimize SAN availability.

It never mentions PXE booting. Digging into the documentation, I never saw any information regarding the capability to boot from PXE.

I would expect it, but I can't see any reference to it or how to enable it. Does anyone know?


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    Unless I'm completely missing something here, you're confusing two very different things. PXE = booting off network, using a network adapter. This is a card that presents storage over a network as local. It does not present a network adapter. If this is some sort of converged network / SAN hybrid that does present a network adapter, I'm not seeing it mentioned in the product info. This card will let you boot from storage on a remote SAN, not PXE boot. What does PXE boot mean to you?
    – user143703
    Sep 20 '16 at 22:32
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    @yoonix Ahhh, okay that makes more sense with the information that I was reading on the card. I had asked for 10Gb fiber based network cards (e.g. Intel X520). This is what I got in the server, but when asked they said yeah, that is it. So I wasn't sure if it was something I was missing or not. If you want to write this as an answer or write "OP is an idiot" I'll be glad to accept it :). Sep 20 '16 at 22:45

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