The default installation of Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5 at Azure installs it with the Desktop Experience. The graphical interface is not needed for running my application there though. So the question is how to create a VM running Windows Server 2016 so that the graphical interface would not be there, so basically a "Core" edition?

Answer based on ARM template would be nice if possible.


There is currently no option to run a Core installation on Azure.

For previous versions this meant that you had to uninstall the GUI features after configuring your VM.
However, server 2016 unfortunately removed this feature.

So for server 2016, it looks like you're stuck with the GUI version.
You can always open a feedback ticket to azure. And request the addition of a core version.
However this was done for the 2012 version and it did not garner enough attention to be considered.

  • There actually was a core gallery image for TP4, wonder why it was removed in TP5. – Sam Cogan Sep 27 '16 at 22:16

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