I set up a Zabbix-Server and installed on some other Servers the Zabbix-Agent. Now I want to add some items which require Zabbix Agent(Active).

So I configured my agents, set ServerActive to my Zabbix-Server-IP, added my Hostname and Server in my zabbix_agentd.conf.

But when I try to test a item with

zabbix_agent -t log[/tmp/asdf.log]

Zabbix tells me Accessible only as active check. So I think that I missed to configure something.

My Zabbix-Agent version is Zabbix agent v2.4.7


The log monitoring items, log[] and logrt[], are only accessible as active checks (just like the error message says), meaning that they cannot be accessed using zabbix_get or processed using the -t option, so there is no error in your setup. You should simply make the agent obtain that log[] item as an active check from Zabbix server and verify whether it works that way.

Also, see official Zabbix documentation for more information on log monitoring and the difference between passive and active checks.

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