We have an Active Directory DNS structure which maps hostnames to ip addresses, like such:


which resolves like this:

$ nslookup my-hostname.my-domain.my-tld                                                                                  

Name:   my-hostname.my-domain.my-tld

I would now like to use a "subdomain"/"virtualhost" for this hostname, such as


which I'd like to also resolve to the same ip address Is this even possbile? If yes, how?


Yes you can.

  1. Delete the A record, so n funky stuff happens.

  2. Create a new zone with the FQDN of the host.

  3. create an empty A record under the new zone with the IP you want.

  4. create a second CName record that returns the A record.


You can create an A-record in DNS with the name "test.my-hostname.my-domain.my-tld" under the zone my-domain.my-tld - it will then create the needed zones for you (tested on a Server 2012 R2)


You can create a new domain under your AD DNS zone (named test or whatever you like) and create an A record in that zone for the host in question.

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