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On a network with limited monitoring tools and limited management, how would I use Zenmap or Wireshark to locate nodes on the network.

Using on Zenmap, only scans one subnet, I need to see any node. Say if it has a different IP or if it is using APIPA.

Is it possible? Any remark would be appreciated.

  • I'm not sure how limited your management is, but you can see what machines are connected to a network by viewing switch side ARP tables. This will give you a MAC address > IP address relationship, regardless of subnet. – Spooler Sep 30 '16 at 7:18
  • @SmallLoanOf1M : a L2 switch does not have an arp table. It does have a mac address table where you will find all the MAC addresses of the devices (that are transmitting) on your network but not the ip addresses. If it is a L3 switch then it will have an arp table but it will still not contain all ip addresses on the network, only the ones the switch has recently sent traffic to. – hertitu Oct 1 '16 at 21:14

If you can install arp-scan, you could do


Similarily, this works in nmap as well:

nmap -sn

Then the hosts would need to react to ping, though.

Of course if you want to scan for EVERY IP it would take way longer.

  1. You need to use "" in Zenmap to scan other subnets.

  2. If you prefer windows software, you also can use WFilter's "network scan extension" to scan clients in network.

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