If I use pg_restore to restore the complete database I get all indexes for the tables. But when I try to import a single table there are never any indexes.

to backup i run

pg_dump -Fc -w database > my_database.dump

to restore a single table i run

pg_restore -t table_name -s my_database.dump

Which only returns the create table statement and missing the indexs, where am I going wrong?

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If you use -t, you limit the operation to the table you named. Indices are different objects and need to be selected with the -I (or --index=) selector.

  • How about primary keys and serial columns. These seem to get lost too. Sep 30, 2016 at 10:23
  • any solution for this? I'm in a similar situacion where pg_dump backups all my DB but I'm unable to restore it with pg_restore, no indexes nor primary keys are restored.
    – acanimal
    Aug 30 at 13:09

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