I'm running Wordpress on a Google Compute Engine instance. Op system is Debian, Db is MySql, php 5.6.14...

Earlier today, I noticed my site using 90% CPU. Went to investigate by opening the google ssh shell from the google cloud platform console, but couldn't. Examined the Serial Output log and saw a message indicating that the disk was full and this was preventing me from logging in. Since running on Debian, I bumped up the allocated space on the SSD persistent disk from 10GB to 50GB. I checked the files system and saw the 50GB. I restarted the app instance and received the error in the subject line. I then restarted the DB instance and app instance, but this still did not clear the error. The DB credentials in the wp-config.php file have not changed since when it was working ok two days ago. When I try accessing mysql from the command line using root and its password, I get an Error 1040 "Too many connections"... when I try the command mysql status, I get the same error 1040... Am at a loss as to what could be causing the issue - could it be some sort of caching thing? Any suggestions as to how to proceed?


  • According to different blogs the error ¨too many connections¨ could be misleading and still be related to disk space 1,2. After resizing, did you check the space of file system using ¨df -h¨? Some OS need to be manually re-partitioned after resizing the disk 3. – Carlos Nov 9 '16 at 18:20

For GCE Debian OS, after changing the size of the disk using Google Cloud Console or gcloud command, it would be required to reboot the VM to performs an automatic disk resizing. After reboot, connect to VM via SSH and use df -h command to verify the size of the disk.

About Too many connections error, due to insufficient resources there might be an excessive amount of half-open connections to your database that need to be terminated. A VM reboot should resolve this issue as well.


Your MySQL most likely shut down incorrectly when disk space ran out. You need to repair the database with myisamchk tool, if you are using MyISAM tables:

myisamchk -r /path/to/database/*.MYI

For InnoDB tables, you can use instructions at http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/forcing-innodb-recovery.html


i had a similar problem recently when trying to view the wordpress site in a browser i received an Error establishing database connection” error message. to resolve it i logged into my on Google Compute Engine and stopped the vm , then once it had stopped started it again and miraculously it worked my site was up and running again

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