I am trying to deploy Skype for Business 2015 to a test lab following this guide. I have performed all prerequisite actions up to Prepare Active Directory. when I run the task to prepare the AD schema from the Deployment Wizard it fails with the following error message in the log.

Error: Upload C:\Program Files\Skype for Business Server 2015\Deployment\Setup\ExternalSchema.ldf failed. The exit code is "5".
▼ Details
└ Type: DeploymentException
    └ ▼ Stack Trace
    └   at Microsoft.Rtc.Management.Deployment.LcSchema.ThrowLDIFDE_ErrorCodeDeploymentException(String path, Int32 exitCode) 
        at Microsoft.Rtc.Management.Deployment.LcSchema.UploadSchema(String path) 
        at Microsoft.Rtc.Management.Deployment.LcSchema.PrepareSchema(String ldf, SchemaType schemaType) 
        at Microsoft.Rtc.Management.Deployment.Tasks.ServerSchemaPrepareTask.Action()

I can confirm I am running as a member of the Schema Admins group.


Turns out this was a permissions error. Although my user was a member of the Schema Admins group I had not signed out / back in since adding the user to the group. Doing so fixed the issue.

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