I have installed Skype for Business 2015 into a test lab environment and am now struggling enabling any users.

I have created three new AD users - U1@test.local, U2@test.local and U3@test.local.

When I load up the Skype Console and select USERS none of the above users are displayed in the search results (in fact no users at all appear) and all the actions are grayed out.

I would be extremely grateful for any ideas as I have absolutely hit a dead end here.


It sounds like you're seeing two different issues. If the user you are using to access the Skype for Business Control Panel does not have the correct permissions, you will not be able to perform the desired actions. You want to ensure this user account belong to the following groups:


After you ensure proper permissions, log out and log back in. In the Skype for Business Control Panel, when you click Users, then Find, you are searching for Skype For Business-enabled users, of which you currently have none. You would have to click "Enable Users", then "add", then "Find". From here, you will see the AD users you created, and can then enable them.


The user used to administer Skype via the Skype Console needs to be a member of the CSUserAdministrator group - even is already a member of CSAdministrator

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