My application pool is recycling when I don't want it to be (note I've already disabled the time-based & inactivity-based recycling).

I see in the event log a 5080 event:

The worker processes serving application pool '%1' are being recycled due to 1 or more configuration changes in the application pool properties which necessitate a restart of the processes.

I've checked machine.config & web.config and they don't show any modifications. Could it be a virus-scanner causing this? How do I find out for sure?

  • Does the AV have verbose mode logging that you can use to match up against the restart event?
    – milope
    Oct 15, 2016 at 18:48

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This can easily be triggered by a virus scanner. I've seen this happen at several large corporate clients I've worked with. It is recommended to have the application's folders whitelisted/excluded from realtime scanning.


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