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I have a VPS hosting with public IP and custom domain. I am sending email from the server, but the email is recognized as spam by google. I want to add and SPF domain record. I could follow the documentation, but I could restrict it a bit more.

I use only one email address noreply@example.com. Should I add SPF record for that only one address? Or the entire domain?

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    What portion of an SPF record do you propose to use for this? SPF records are domain-wide. – ceejayoz Oct 7 '16 at 21:20
  • I am newbie in DNS. I just want to tell to SPAM checkers that only one email address is valid from this IP. So it seems my question does not make sense at all. – Tomas Kubes Oct 7 '16 at 21:44

You can't do that with SPF, it's at the domain level.


If you sub-domain it like noreply@subdomain.example.com then you can SPF that sub-domain and leave your main domain without an SPF.

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