I have 2 146GB(146,8 in ORCA) sas drives and 2 72GB(73,4 in ORCA) sas drives. I would like to setup raid 1+0 with these 4 drives. Is it possible to combine the 146GB and the 72GB drives so I get 218GB?

When I try to setup the raid I only get 136,7GB.



If you're attempting RAID 1+0 with different sized disks, the lowest-common denominator becomes your base unit size. So your 146GB disks will be treated as 72GB devices.

4 x 72GB disks in RAID 1+0 == 144GB usable.

If you need more capacity, buy bigger disks.


only possible way how you can get whole capacity is setup 2 raid-1 arrays (one 146GB and second 72GB) and make software jbod raid across those arrays. But you will loose performace boost given by raid-0.

  • Thanks, but I already thought about this. – Jan Wytze Oct 9 '16 at 17:27

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