So I'm super confused.

I have a test build that started breaking because a mysql socket was attempting to be created in such a deeply nested folder that its file path name exceeded the 108 character limit. So my thought was to put the socket in the test running users home directory in a similiarly named folder. Ie:

/home/nightlybuild/projects/......./myTestProject/output/db/connect.sock becomes /home/nightlybuild/myTestProject/output/db/connect.sock

then I created a symlink in the nested dir:

ln -s /home/nightlybuild/myTestProject/output/db/connect.sock /home/nightlybuild/projects/......./myTestProject/output/db/connect.sock

Now heres what I'm confused about. If I try to run mysql through that socket by passing ANY relative path to the socket in, I can connect and everything works as expected. However, if I pass a full absolute path to the socket in, I get a can't connect error.

Works: (from home dir):

mysql --socket=projects/......./myTestProject/output/db/connect.sock

(doesnt work):

mysql --socket=/home/nightlybuild/projects/......./myTestProject/output/db/connect.sock

I dont understand how the full path could be breaking it at all. Anyone have any ideas what I might be doing wrong or even tips about a log or something I could look at to try and get more info about the problem?


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