This is similar to Unable to Share Data between Amazon EC2 Instances for Windows

However in my case I am trying to connect from an external machine to a shared folder on an EC2 Windows 2012 machine.

I've enabled sharing as far as I can tell and opened TCP port 445 in a security group, but I can't seem to connect. Even running a plain

telnet my-ec2-ip 445

from an IP that should be within the security group times out without a connection.

I know this isn't necessarily the most recommended way to get files from my EC2 instance, but I need to do this from a tool that has very limited connectivity options and this may be my best bet. What might I be missing that would let this connection work?

  • Checked windows firewall ?? – Nath Oct 17 '16 at 9:51
  • As best I could, yes, but tbh I am not a Windows expert so I was flying a bit blind in that respect. – Dan Oct 17 '16 at 14:29
  • Just for the record, in threads and email archives on other sites, it was generally suggested to use Dropbox, or ExpanDrive with S3, or something of that sort. I ended up going in that direction. – Dan Oct 17 '16 at 16:01

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