I have 5 public IP from ISP and want to utilize all IPs on single WAN interface.

My PFSENSE router box has 2 interfaces as follow :

em0 --- > WAN Interface ( em1 --- > LAN Interface (

Now I want to configure multiple public IP's to wan interface to use port forwarding from my LAN to Public IP.

Example : webserver 1 --- > Public IP 1 webserver 2 ----> public IP 2 webserver 3 ----> public IP 3.

Anyone suggest me get achieve this to my router ?

1 to 1 NAT solution wont work for me, because the way it works under DHCP and need unique MAC address in order receive IP address from the ISP .

If expertise have solutions for this ?? or suggest which is the best way ??

or can I do virtualization with VMware,Xen,Virtualbox ?


This video shows how to do it in the GUI. Too bad they don't write it up as well.

Youtube demo multi WAN IP

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  • Thanks for your empty. As earlier I told you, This video won't help because they use 1:1 nat to map public IP. – Mohan Oct 26 '16 at 5:41
  • The problem is I need a kind of virtual NIC with different mac address so that way I can get IP from the DHCP. – Mohan Oct 26 '16 at 5:43

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