My problem is similar to Installing package from PPA using Puppet but I don't know how to make it work.

I want Puphpet to apt to install Apache 2.4.23-5.0 this PPA instead of the normal deb repo. There is already a version of the same name in the deb repo so it's important that I get this custom version that contains a backport.

I'd like to use the solution offered by @msanford, but don't know where to start.

Can I just append this fragment:

apt::ppa { 'ppa:ondrej/apache2':}

package { 'apache2':
  ensure  => 'installed',
  require => Apt::Ppa['ppa:ondrej/apache2']

to the end of .../vm/profile/my-box/puphpet/puppet/modules/apt/manifests/init.pp ?


Don't add Package['apache2'] to your apt module, that doesn't make any sense. It should be in a apache2 module.

Regardless, the package needs to require Exec['apt_update'] to ensure that the apt-get update is completed before installing the package. You also should ensure the package uses the version you want.

apt::ppa { 'ppa:ondrej/apache2':}

package { 'apache2':
  ensure  => '2.4.23-5.0',
  require => [Exec['apt_update'], Apt::Ppa['ppa:ondrej/apache2']]

Here, I'm assuming that the version you listed is the same as the deb version. Sometimes the string is slightly different.

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