I'm using HAProxy 1.6

I'm forcing https usage. Therefore in my backend I'm redirecting http to https. For that I'm using the following code:

backend my-app-name
    redirect scheme https if !{ ssl_fc }

This is working well but if my http request is done using POST Method it seems that redirect scheme will change the method to GET.

I saw that in the documentation of HAProxy concerning HTTP redirection we can change the HTTP code to 308. But I cannot change the behavior of my current application.

How can I redirect to https using HAProxy and keeping my original HTTP Method?


as you almost said, you could do the following:

backend my-app-name
       redirect scheme https code 308 if !{ ssl_fc }

haproxy will return 308 (instead of 302). I am not sure how your application is involved. If its sits behind haproxy it will never notice the first non-https requests. And for example, any browser will do a second request via https and the same HTTP verb, i.e. keeping the POST.

  • I'm not in position of testing it now has we manually changed our endpoints to https. In the use case I was describing, it was a Mobile App that was sitting behind haproxy trying to contact to an API. All the endpoints were hard coded inside the app pointing to "http". – maxime_039 Dec 15 '16 at 15:59

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