Can anyone help with this:

One of our cloud servers is running slow and after running iotop I've noticed the below command running for nearly 2 hours, but I'm the only one who would run commands on this server. I haven't and there has been no breach.

find / -ignore_readdir_race ( -fstype NFS -o -fstype nfs -o -fstype nfs4 -o -fstype afs ~var/spool$\)\|\(^/sfs$\)\|\(^/media$\)\|\(^/var/lib/schroot/mount$\) ) -prune -o -print0

Does anyone know what this is?

  • This is a find command with syntax issues. Somebody trying to retrieve a directory listing. Try a man find in the console.
    – John K. N.
    Nov 2, 2016 at 12:25

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In addition to previous answer check that you're using appropriate instance type. Read more documentation about instance type with burstable performance:

For example, a t2.small instance receives credits continuously at a rate of 12 CPU Credits per hour. This capability provides baseline performance equivalent to 20% of a CPU core. If at any moment the instance does not need the credits it receives, it stores them in its CPU Credit balance for up to 24 hours. If and when your t2.small needs to burst to more than 20% of a core, it draws from its CPU Credit balance to handle this surge seamlessly. Over time, if you find your workload needs more CPU Credits than you have, or your instance does not maintain a positive CPU Credit balance, we recommend either a larger T2 size, such as the t2.medium, or a Fixed Performance Instance type.


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