We have a CMS Server which runs with apache Server. During night time around 7 to 11 PM the cpu spikes and after some time it comes down automatically.

I tried different troubleshooting methods like reloading and restarting the apache server. Is there any permanent solution or what could be the root cause for this?

  • What kind/brand/make of CMS are you using? – hot2use Nov 15 '16 at 9:59

As we are all aware Apache is dealing with hardware resource(cpu+ram)...if you are enough HW and proper tuning of apache will lead the cpu spike issues.

These are below points can help you -->Is this your CMS+Apache running on the same machine? if yes please capture Thread Dumps and Heap Dump if required. -->CPU spike is dependent on how load is on the application level. -->As you said it's some particular time cpu spike issue,then you have to think out of the box ex: Network,DB etc..

Thanks, Amarnath Polu

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