I want to run this command by another user (so with su): screen -ALmdS server_mta ./mta-server -n

It's okay: su - server_2 -c 'screen -ALmdS server_mta ./mta-server -n

But I need the PID of screen, but when i try to get, I got anoter PIDs.

I tried this method:

su - server_2 -c "screen -ALmdS server_mta ./mta-server -n >>~/outlog 2>&1 & echo \$! "

But it was give 5996 PID, but when I check it with ps ax |grep server_mta the result was:

5997 ?        Ss     0:00 SCREEN -ALmdS server_mta ./mta-server -n
6023 pts/45   S+     0:00 grep server_mta

I tried this command:

su - server_2 -c 'screen -ALmdS server_mta ./mta-server -n > /dev/null & ps ax |grep  $! '

And the result was:

6829 ?        R      0:00 screen -ALmdS server_mta ./mta-server -n
6831 ?        S      0:00 grep 6829

I thought I got the PID, and when I checked again with ps ax |grep server_mta, I got an another PID. And the difference here is the screen is lowercase, and when I check in ps ax |grep server_mta, this is uppercase.

How can I got the PID of my screen process which is ran by another user with su?


I found a solution:

su - server_2 -c "screen -ALmdS server_mta ./mta-server -n  >>/home/out 2>&1"; pgrep -u server_2 |  xargs ps -p | grep SCREEN | cut -f1 -d' ' | head -n 1

This return the PID of screen.

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