The users in our domain use Roaming profiles. Unfortunately Google Chrome saves bookmarks in the Appdata/local folder.

This results in Chrome "forgetting" the set homepage & bookmarks every time a user relogs.

I downloaded the Chrome ADMX files for group policy but cannot find a way to redirect the appdata/local folder.

Does anyone know of a reliable way to redirect this folder, or atleast secure that Google Chrome does NOT forget the homepage/bookmarks every time a user relogs?

Thanks for the help!

  • there are 2 ways to solve this issue you may check this link to solve it – Shafiq Rehman Jan 8 '20 at 18:17

Do you try Set user data directory policy?

It documented here

And there list of available path variables

In your case it is useful variable ${roaming_app_data}

  • Thanks for your comment Slipeer. Unfortunately I can not find the UserDataDir in the registry. Creating it myself does not help, unfortunately. I was hoping there is a policy to do this using the google Chrome ADMX files. – Kevv Nov 11 '16 at 12:09
  • 1
    I found it! Download the Google ADMX files, go to administrative templates -> Google -> Google Chrome -> Set User Data Directory. – Kevv Nov 11 '16 at 12:12

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