I have a couple commands failing on Azure-CLI.

For example, the following:

$ azure webapp config hostnames list --resource-group resgr1 --name vrtestapp

...says "error: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined"

(And an "hostnames add" also fails with "error: Object www.myurl.com has no method 'format', so I cannot add nor view my vhosts..)

And then I have this:

$ azure network nic create \ --name nic1 \ --resource-group resgr1 \ --location westeurope \ --private-ip-address \ --public-ip-name pubip1 \ --subnet-id /subscriptions/56a13ec6-eee2-46df-8753-b2aaa83d5efd/resourceGroups/resgr1/providers/Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks/vnet1

...which says "error: Cannot parse the request."

I'm just starting out with this tool, information online seems sparse..

Can you help me? Thanks.


First, please make sure that your Azure-Cli is latest.

The latest version for now is 0.10.7. To install the latest version of Azure-Cli, please refer this guide

Second, please make sure that the Azure-Cli is in ARM mode. Your commands are all ARM commands.

To configure the Azure-Cli working in ARM mode, please run the following command:

azure config mode arm

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