I have been searching for two days on google and here and i tried every single solution out there to fix this issue but it seems to be that i am always missing something. I have CentOS 7 installed and running on AWS Server along with NGINX php-fpm (php version 5.6). my files are located at /usr/share/nginx/html/website/


user centos;

and the server has been sat up using http://symfony.com/doc/2.0/cookbook/configuration/web_server_configuration.html and its obiously working since i am able to reach my symfony through the ip.


user = centos
group = centos
listen.owner = centos
listen.group = centos
listen.mode = 0660
listen = /var/run/php-fpm/php-fpm.sock

files permission in symfony project all assigned to centos:centos user and var is writable. though Terminal using user centos i can create/delete/remove/edit anything i have the whole access to all the files and folders inside of this project. but for some reason when i hit the ip address of the server i have this error:

Failed to write cache file "/usr/share/nginx/html/website/apps/../var/marketplace/cache/dev/classes.php".

I added echo exec('whoami'); to app_dev.php i get the centos user which means everything should be working smoothly.

and btw ../var is because i am having multiapps inside this symfony project Any ideas what is wrong here???

for any other details log files or anything i am happy to provide. Thanks in advance


Leaving this for a reference incase someone had something familiar it was permissions issue (not the user:group) but the access level permissions the files were 777 and the solution was to apply chmod 0777 instead of chmod 777.

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